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Prospecting: Avoiding the Pitfalls

Many market research companies fail to develop a strategic business development plan due to lack of resources and information.
Selling today means you must have a solid plan that focuses on building your opportunity pipeline and development.Building your pipeline is not a one-step process by any means. It takes some time.Here are my two cents:
  • LinkedIn, for starters. Take time to research. Linkedin is powerful. And it will help you find the right people and companies to contact. Try using premium or a paid subscription, it helps you see more contacts. There is an In-mail service too, which allows/guarantees sending emails directly to the recipients mailboxes.
  • When going in cold, do it right! Remember – you have to know exactly why and why now would your prospect respond to your pitch. Are they research buyers, do they influence the decision making in the team? What are his research objectives, are they in line with what you are positioning? Conversion depends on Content.
  • Your prospects understand research.So being specific makes it easier to get on their calendar. IF your prospects do not understand research well and they are really marketing executives, take good time to understand what their in-house research departments can not do.
  • Build a demand generation roadmap; You have to put cialis 20 mg cost together the type of accounts and contacts you would need to engage with to meet your quota. Low hanging fruits may not last you long enough. Most improtantly, it is not uncommon to get a real project 6-12-24 months after your initial engagement, so plan ahead of time! The inroads you make today may not be the people who will help you meet this years numbers!