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Pilot Projects with Aldius

Aldius Consulting Group (ACG) conducts a pilot project before most engagements. The objective of doing a pilot project is to not only provide our clients with a “risk free” test bed but also for us to measure and forecast efficacy and feasibility of a long term relationship.
Through this article, we will introduce the basics of how we ensure a risk free trial run of our services
1. Ideal Account Profile: ACG will work with you to define a set of accounts based on their industry vertical, size/revenue location, type of products or service offerings. Sometimes our customers already have a wish list of sorts, we like to include that during the pilot. So basically the client has absolute control on the companies ACG would prospect into. There are a few caveats too, only put in place to ensure that the engagement between our clients and their prospect is meaningful.
2. Ideal Prospect Profile: Usually at large organizations there is not one person responsible for vendor engagement for research projects. We work with our clients to understand their services portfolio, examples of previous engagement at similar companies and then collaborate to create a propensity model. With this we clearly define the roles and responsibilities of our prospective contact person. This is mostly easy for our clients to give inputs on. On other occasions it is rather hard for our clients to pin point the ideal prospect. In such cases ACG relies on its vast experience of developing account intelligence and suggesting a prospect profile to look for in the given account. By this stage in the process our clients are able to not only decide which companies they will end up engaging with but roles within that organization too.
3. Training: This is the easy part! We know the ecosystem, since we exclusively service it. Usually a senior project manager or trainer prepares the online training material based on information our clients email in advance. We follow that up with a call to get details and ask questions around the material which gets emailed to us. In certain cases where learning a new technology /methodology is involved, there may be a need to conduct training session so our trainers and/or project manager can include in their training.
By now we have got the following done: Decided Companies>Type of Prospects>What to Say
4. Pilot Agreement: The fees of the pilot are based on the outcome we drive. There is specific language in our pilot agreement which entails a certain range of deliverables. The deliverables include a wide set of results and include aforementioned points 1,2 and 3. The agreement clearly outlines a no cost extension if objectives are not fulfilled or a provision to process a refund.
ACG has a lot of experience driving client acquisition strategies for research organizations. Part of our success lies in working with clients who can best leverage our expertise. .